In episode four we take a look at three more pieces in Clark's & Buckton's Yard.

'Clark's Stables' - Alex McDonald

The 2008 Dover Art Prize winner, Alex has created three, ambitious renditions of Stubbs-style horses, taking inspiration from the history of the Yard, where Hussar troops were housed en route to the 1745-46 Battle of Culloden.

'State of Mind' - Jessica Everitt

Jessica's piece is about the visual representation of identity - this could be the identity of any passer-by viewing the artwork, represented by the blueprint of the brain. Included in the layers are the names of well known people of Darlington.

'Did You Know' - Joe Cocking

A unique style, which combines a mix of modernism and tradition, taking a contemporary layout with a serif font to create an unusual typographic design aimed to intrigue the audience.